three months in virginia

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November 15, 2014 by Ellen V

We just surpassed Sidney’s one-month mark and our three-month mark of life in Virginia. That’s a quarter of a year! I can’t believe we’ve been here this long.

I’m typing this on a day when my internet is down and both children happen to be asleep (or trying to get to sleep, in Jane’s case) at the same time. I am reflecting on the fact that a) this would never happen in Milwaukee and b) even if it did, my cell/data service would be fine on my phone, at least (it is not fine right now).

But here we are, in rural Virginia, and I have a solid 2ish hours in front of me on a Friday afternoon. No cable, no work, no internet, no friends to call, and confined to my house.

So I have been doing a few productive things: I chose a couple places to hang remaining pictures on the walls, I bagged up the dog bed Dallas hasn’t used once since we moved in, I started in on the daycare applications for Jane and Sidney that will need to be submitted in the next week or two. Boredom begets boredom, though, and I’d just much rather be watching a show on Amazon Prime or Hulu.

I know many moms of infants who would kill for this, but I have sleepy babies (and sleepy toddlers), and I count on this quiet TV time for at least an hour or so a day.

Things we worked on this month:

  • Sidney was born! And we settled her into our life here.
  • We hung some pictures, finished organizing the nursery, and tidied up the carport.
  • Jane learned about Halloween, the ocean and weather.
  • Organized toys and stored some for later. Jane is thriving with a better “lending library” approach to most of her toys.
  • I got back to my usual cleaning and cooking routine, as much as possible. I have allowed some flexibility in the kitchen, starting from store-bought rather than scratch a little more this month (pizza dough, baguettes, etc).
  • Got Jane back in the kitchen! We’ve made puppy chow, snickerdoodles, and taco pie together.
  • Cut Jane’s hair myself! This YouTube video was essential.

Goals for the rest of November and early December:

  • Help Sidney learn to sleep for longer stretches at night and develop a more consistent routine as a family.
  • Finish “settling in”—last pictures hung, last items sold on eBay.
  • Learn about shapes, numbers, letters and Christmas in Mama and Jane School.
  • Regularly attend Wednesday morning Mass and Toddler Time at the library as we are able. Also, more outside and/or YMCA time for Jane.
  • Decorate our home for Christmas and prepare for our holiday trip to the Midwest.
  • Enjoy many visitors (Mama and Papa K, Aunt Allison, and Mama and Papa V are all visiting in the next four weeks!).
  • Continue to develop Jane’s interest in helping with chores.
  • Rake the leaves off the lawn (boo).


As you can tell, we’re going to be super busy in the coming weeks. We’re looking forward to an end-of-semester respite shortly after and an extended stay in the Midwest over the holidays, but there’s plenty to do between now and then!

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