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November 18, 2014 by Ellen V

Now that Sidney is waking up to the world a bit, I pulled out our play mat so she’d have a little something to stare at other than my face.


11.18.14 Not that my face isn’t awesome.

Eric was so excited to see it! He said he felt like he learned so much about fatherhood the day we went to buy it.

Jane was about this age, I think–just awake enough that we weren’t sure what to do with her anymore. And we had a Babies R Us gift card burning a hole through our pocket. Together, the three of us drove 45 minutes across town and then some to see what our options were.

Babies R Us is Crazytown. Never go there if you can avoid it, especially while pregnant or with a newborn at home. The bottle wall alone is enough to make you shed real tears.

So we stood in front of a dozen play mat/baby gym options–adorable pink and purple or blue and green, lights and songs and everything. They ran the gamut in price from $20-$85, and we both kept looking at this, the $20 option, wondering what was wrong with it. It was gender neutral, which we liked, and we were also trying to avoid batteries. I think it was our only option that met both requirements.

We bought it. Only much later did Eric admit to me that he felt so guilty as we left the store that night (I think I was too tired to feel guilty), that our firstborn surely deserved better than the cheapest option.

But Jane spent hours on it, and many other visiting babies have, too. Sidney has very much enjoyed it today. And, honestly? A blanket on the floor would be fine, too. Or her big sister shoving toys and books in her face. Or whatever.

We’ve come a little way in three years…


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