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January 4, 2015 by Ellen V

2014 was… hard. To say the least.

I’m hoping for a calmer 2015, for sure.

Life is crazy up in here.

This month we’ll be working through what will be, one can only hope, the last of transitions for a while. I’m going back to work in a week. That means Jane starts preschool (tomorrow!), Sidney starts with her sitter, and, of course, Eric’s job starts up again, too.

But after a move across the country, lifestyle/job changes for both me and Eric, and a new baby, this January thing seems relatively painless. Get ‘er done.

I looked back on my old resolutions, and I think I did pretty well on most of them. I won’t bore you with the details. What I will bore you with is some resolutions for 2015. I’m staying more vague and helpful for everyday living. This is my year, folks.

  1. Eat more fruits and veggies. I want to lose the 5-10 pounds of baby weight I have left, of course. But I know I need to do it without relying on exercise, which has proven to be challenging because of where we live (in the country, with no shoulder on the road) and our growing family. That means healthier eating habits, which start with the basics, peeps.
  2. Recycle. Yep, this basic element of taking care of our earth has fallen by the wayside for our family since we moved to Virginia. But I’d like to think we can get a system set up to get some basic recycling underway in our household, even if we have to haul it to the dumpster ourselves. Surely this isn’t too lofty a goal.
  3. Find “my people.” On our long, long, long, long drive back to Virginia from an extended winter vacation in Minnesota, I realized that the hardest part about returning is the set-in loneliness that comes from being in a foreign place. The first few months were like summer camp. Eric does a great job, but it’s time to settle in and find some folks that fill me up outside my house.

There are a few other things I want to be a part of my life this year, but these are the three I think I’ll need to be most intentional about. It’s a short list, but a hard one (for me!), and I think it’ll give me plenty to worry about for the coming 12 months.

Happy New Year, folks!

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