simple spring


January 18, 2015 by Ellen V

This past week we got underway what I can only hope will be the last of the many changes that our family has made in the past six months. I began teaching theology at a local Catholic high school. We had discerned the same job over the summer and at the time we weren’t sure if we could make it work for our family, but when they asked me to reconsider for second semester it seemed like a better fit. And after a week, so far, so good.

The job is a great fit for me. I wasn’t sure I would be able to find work that complemented my background in Catholic ministry in southwestern Virginia, but the job keeps finding me. I think, if it goes well, it could work as long as we need it to. Jane loves her new preschool, and we are very happy with the young woman who is watching Sidney.

Truly, our only hang up has been the pay. It’s a part time job (I only teach 3 of the 7 periods during the students’ class day), but, with a 45 minute commute, I’m away from home and my babies (and paying for childcare) full time hours. Plus gas and wear and tear on my car. So it’s definitely not perfect.

But it’s interesting, even after just a week, I’m seeing the little benefits. Jane and I are both in better spirits, getting out of the house every day. And I’ve been the least worried about Sidney’s care environment of any situation I’ve ever had Jane in, with the exception of the neighbor who watched her who we were very close to. I like my house more, now that it doesn’t feel like my holding cell. Jane is playing nicely with her toys and gently with her sister. We’re all watching less TV. Even Dallas seems like she’s enjoying some occasional time to herself.

We’re looking forward to a simple spring, without big transitions like moves or jobs or babies. I’m excited to spend some free time organizing our home to make it more usable. Now that I’m not here so often I have an easier time seeing the big picture of what we use often and don’t use at all and where to put it all. I’m happy that spending the whole day at home on a Sunday doesn’t seem like a waste but a treasure. Our schedules, our menus, our budget, all easier, simpler.

The days are getting long and we’re settling in. Happy Virignia January!


One thought on “simple spring

  1. Amy says:

    Hooray! Glad to hear the first week went well.

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