hard knock life

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January 27, 2015 by Ellen V

We are in the midst of three-year-old Annie obsession. Mama K and I took Jane to her first ever movie on the big screen at Christmas time, and she loved the new 2014 Annie. We talked about it for days and even bought the soundtrack. She loves “red hair Annie” even more, though. We sing the songs and talk about it all day long. This week, her favorite part is when they go to the movie, so we’ve been reenacting it a zillion times.

Our “hard knock life” is actually not so filled with hard knocks right now. My biggest issue is time, of which there never seems to be quite enough. Sidney is sleeping better, but still waking once most nights or getting up very early (4:30 or 5:00). On top of that, Jane has been having her own sleep issues that we’re trying to help her work through. This is all to say that we’re both working, going to bed pretty early, and still trying to manage the day-to-day.

For me, the two things that just never seem to get done are house cleaning and exercise. The first one is the priority, but the second one makes me a much easier person to be around. The strategies I’m using (that have been working fairly well) are:

1. Cleaning: I’m making a list of everything that is essential during the week. For us, that’s 2-3 trips to the dumpster, 2-3 rounds of laundry, changing the sheets on all the beds, cleaning the 2.5 baths and the kitchen once each, and 2-3 times vacuuming. As I’m able to get things done (or ask Eric to do them for us), I cross them off on the list. Anything that hasn’t been done gets done on Saturday or Sunday. We were able to get everything done the first week and everything but the master bathroom last week, so I’m feeling good about this for now.

2. Exercise: This one is trickier. I’ve made it a resolution to stress less about exercise and eat better while I adjust to this new job. I know myself well enough, though, to know that I need to be doing something so I’m not a total wreck of pent up energy. So I’m back to the minutes/week strategy I’ve used while pregnant, and I started low at 100 minutes my first week back to work, and I’m adding 5 minutes a week. The idea has been that if I can get in 10-15 minutes a few days during the week, the rest can easily be accomplished on the weekends. I do have to be conscientious about getting a few minutes in during the week to hit my goals, but as long as I do that, I think it’ll help me get through my first few months as a teacher.

I acknowledge that so many moms of two (or more!) are doing so much more with so much less time, help, whatever, but these are my challenges at the moment. I’m grateful for these baby days, but also looking forward to how our family grows as we settle into yet another routine.

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