twenty minute meals

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January 30, 2015 by Ellen V

During the past few weeks, the V house has entered the evening crazy of get-in-the-house, feed-the-baby, take-off-your-shoes, get-dinner-on-the-table, take-off-your-shoes!, bath-time, grading, TAKE-OFF-YOUR-SHOES, bedtime exhaustion. The new recipes and interesting experiments are officially off the menu until further notice. Here are some current quick favorites, in no particular order. Bonus points when Jane will eat it (or a variation of it).

  • Pizza (Jane approved)
  • Breakfast for dinner (Jane approved)
  • Pasta with meat sauce, cheese sauce, or alfredo and broccoli (Jane loves pasta with butter or grated cheese, so this can be modified)
  • Tacos, salsa chicken, or taco salad (Jane does a quesadilla)
  • Pesto gnocchi (Jane approved)

If I can throw in leftovers one night, we can usually do variations on the above on most weeknights and haven’t gotten tired of it yet, though we’re not too deep into the semester. On weekends, I’m allowing for meals that take a little more effort. We’re tossing around the idea of going vegetarian for Lent again this year, so we’ll see how that changes things, though most of the recipes above are already meat-free or easily modified. Right now, I’m thankful it’s the weekend. Kitchen time is on my side.

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