surprise! long weekend edition

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February 17, 2015 by Ellen V

I have been blessed with a surprise four day weekend. Yesterday was a planned day off (President’s Day), and we got dumped on last night–four inches of snow here and ten where I work–so we got a snow day today.

It’s been a fun weekend. Relaxed. Productive (kind of). Yesterday I relived what life was like pre-January: home all day with both girls, juggling nap times and entertainment and hunger. We have played games and Play Doh and even did a craft project. I cleaned up both girls closets; never ending rotations of seasons and sizes make those spaces easily cluttered.

Sidney and I are back in a rhythm, which makes it hard to know I’m sending her back to her babysitter tomorrow morning. Jane, on the other hand, is a bundle of pent up energy. She’s been out playing in the snow twice already, and Eric will be taking her out again in an hour or two. She’ll be excited to go back to preschool.

I’m finding myself looking forward to more breaks and then summer ahead. I’m glad to have a good mix: work that I’m finding enjoyable, time at home with my little fam. And a surprise snow day doesn’t hurt.

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