day ten


February 23, 2015 by Ellen V

I’m on day ten of the weekend that won’t end. It is absolutely mind-boggling. As a Minnesota native, I can’t remember ever having school canceled for more than two days in a row due to weather. And those instances were exceedingly rare. Here in Virginia, with five inches that has all but melted, we’re still off. I get it, I get it: less equipment, more mountains, etc, etc, etc. But nonetheless, it feels more than a little bit wacky. I keep thinking someone is playing a joke on me.

For someone who only started back to work about six weeks ago, it’s amazing how long this ten day stretch is. Partly, it feels long because it was so unexpected… I had no plans, no projects, no visits lined up. Some of this time has been house-bound, which is always difficult, but even with places to go, it’s hard to get out and about with the baby. It also feels long because it the time I’ve been home in Virginia has always felt long. And I was just getting used to the busy hum and starting to enjoy it. And besides all that, I’m tired of reviewing and renewing the lesson plans every. single. day. I’m too much of a newbie to this  teaching thing to just let it go when I think there’s a chance I might be in the classroom the next day!

The blessings, of course, are plentiful. I’m spending these long days at home with a baby I’ve longed to have more one-on-one time with, and many of the days Jane has been able to go to school so I can really dote on the babe. I’ve gotten to tasks around the house I never would have otherwise. I’m thinking a lot about the summer days that are coming and how we will spend our time together. I’m planning our vegetarian meals for Lent (we gave up meat completely again this year) and baking a little bit, too. I’ve been fixating on carseats and trying to figure out what will be the best bet for our littles to last us the next few years.

It’s a good life. But a long ten days. I’m ready for the next thing.

making snow angels at ferrum college

making snow angels at ferrum college

check out that grin

check out that grin

she built it herself...

she built it herself…


2 thoughts on “day ten

  1. Your kids are adorable. Sorry your weekend has lasted so long Lol.

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