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March 14, 2015 by Ellen V

It has felt like a long week at the V House. After several weeks of “snow days” (I use the phrase loosely) and a nice, easy transition into the working world, I am back to five day work weeks. I can’t complain, of course–I’ve got it pretty good all things considered–but it has felt like a long, hard week of what will be the norm until mid-June.
Things that always make me cranky, and what we’re doing about it:
Problem: Coming off of family visits with none on the calendar. We’re going to see Mama and Papa V for a brief Easter trip to Dallas, but we don’t have anyone coming to us in the foreseeable future.
Solution: We’ve made a commitment to socialize twice a month between now and our trip to the Midwest this summer, and we’re not counting the usual stuff like church or trips to Ferrum’s campus. We live in the country, and meeting people has been hard, and there was this whole baby thing, but we need to commit to regular interaction with others, even if it means spending a little more money on groceries or hiring a babysitter once in a while.
Problem: Eric’s conferences, and (more) my anxiety about being a single parent for a few days while he’s gone.
Solution: Luckily, these are just about done for the spring, but in the meantime I’m compensating by planning easy, no frills meals, giving myself wiggle room when it comes to cleaning, laundry, and cloth diapering, and planning some “me time” as a reward for getting through the spring conference season. It’s hard to take time for yourself when you’re already away from your babies all week, but things like haircuts and uninterrupted cups of coffee are acceptable and, dare I say, even necessary acts of self indulgence.
Problem: Lack of protein. We’re giving up meat for Lent again this year and I realized that part of my crankiness is iron deficiency!
Solution: Start taking a multi-vitamin again, for one. I’m also trying to eat meals that aren’t so carb-heavy, although I’m pretty bad at that! Eggs, beans, and veggies will get the job done for these last three weeks.
Problem: Lack of exercise. I’ve never worked out as little as I have the past few months.
Solution: I’m making 10-20 minutes a part of my day most days, and trying to be flexible with myself and my goals. Honestly, my ideal world includes 4-5 days of running a week, but learning to be satisfied with a different set of expectations for exercise has been healthy for me. I don’t feel “fit” right now, but I don’t feel “fat,” either, and I’m trying to learn to be comfortable in the in between. I do hope that the next year brings back 20 mile weeks, at least, but I’m also learning to rely on healthy eating and regular movement during this season of my life.
Problem: Exhaustion.
Solution: Well… not having kids? Seriously, though, sleep is just sleep. Have another cup of coffee, slap a smile on that face, and keep on keepin’ on.

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