my second baby

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March 21, 2015 by Ellen V

Can you even believe this little thing is already five months old?


She has been rolling like a champ every which way, and she took her first few bites of solids yesterday evening. She’s really just the best. And the cutest. Look at that grin! I love it.

Sidney is so different from Jane, but I find that at this age, the starker difference is how I parent. Some of the differences are practical, some are intentional, and some are just the way it’s working out.

Like most parents who have done this before, I find that my stress level has decreased. I don’t have anxiety about her days with her babysitter, but then again I have loved and trusted this sitter from the beginning, which was not necessarily true of Jane’s first sitter. I don’t communicate with Chasity in the detailed way I did with Jane’s first nannies and sitters. I trust that she has good days with her, and that Chasity will listen and respond appropriately to Sid’s needs and mine. I think I needed to get through all those months of anxiety with Jane to get here, though.

I worry less about Sidney’s sleep. We are so blessed with these great sleepers at our house. With Jane, every hour was diligently accounted for. We were very intentional about creating a great sleeper. I have trusted the process more with Sidney. She sleeps through the night almost every night (hooray!), but if she flips over and needs to be flipped back or wakes up at 4:30 insisting on breakfast, Eric or I just do it.

I rarely worry about Sidney’s outfit of the day. Her clothes are practical, and most of the fussy stuff I’m finding myself ready to pass on. She’s cute in sleepers, no need for five-piece ensembles!

At well over five months, we just gave her the first bite of rice cereal she’s had. We’ll probably offer it to her again today, and tomorrow, and maybe even most days next week if it’s going well. Or not. Jane was almost six months before I was sure she liked food, and I worried so much about it. I am so not worried this time. Because I know that if she doesn’t like rice cereal, she might like oatmeal. Or maybe she’ll like veggies better. And I definitely know she’ll love fruit once we get there. And in two months it’ll be keeping up with the steaming and the pureeing that I’m worried about it, and in six months she’ll be feeding herself.

Mostly, I think, I’m just so much more aware of how fast it all is this time. I recognize that I’ll wake up tomorrow and she’ll be running around the house and telling me stories about Naughty Noah at preschool. And so, really, I just hold her when I can, even if it means it’ll take her an extra month to sit up or crawl or walk. I just want to soak this time up, every moment. There will be time for rice cereal tomorrow.


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