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March 29, 2015 by Ellen V

I’m having/almost done with one of those weekends where just nothing has gone the way I had planned.

When you live and die by the to do list, it makes life a little stressful.

Sidney’s been off her A-game for a couple weeks, but we’ve chalked it up to new teeth (3!) and, you know, being a baby. But yesterday, she spiked a low-grade temp and we started rearranging our lives to comfort the babe and try to figure out what was wrong.

Her low-grade temp turned into a sleepless night (for everyone but Jane, so that’s something) and super high fever this morning. Luckily, our pediatrician’s office has staffing on Sundays, so we were able to get her in right away.

Poor Baby has a UTI. I’m pretty confident between the antibiotics and Tylonel regiment, we’ll kick this to the curb quickly, but in the meantime…

A cancelled dinner party.

No weekend long run.

A host of chores that didn’t get done.

The March budget I was so excited to complete still looms in front of me.

This spring has been so hard this way. Because it’s not just this weekend. It’s a lot of weekends, a lot of days. Life seems like a race against the clock lately, always more to do than hours in the day.

But most weeks, it works itself out. I’m missing my runs and having friends over and DIYing. I hate that getting the house vacuumed stresses me out. But I have this awesome husband who takes care of our house and our kids at least as well as (who am I kidding? better than) me. And life is so good, especially when we’re all healthy!

Still, I’d really like maybe 2 more hours a day? Just 2.


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