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April 10, 2015 by Ellen V

This spring break week, I keep starting and abandoning posts. There has been a ton on my mind. I want to share it all! But I’m afraid you might not want to hear it all. Trust me, that’s okay.

Instead, let’s talk adorable children for a moment:


They are the best, aren’t they?

Sidney will be six months old on Monday. She rolls and pushes herself around wherever she needs to go. She has three teeth and seems to be working on more. She’ll have several medical appointments in the coming weeks–follow ups to make sure her recent illness isn’t the result of a larger issue. She is so much more laid back than Jane has ever been, and still actually likes to be held and snuggled, unlike her big sis.

Jane is creeping toward 3.5 years old. She loves working on new skills (cutting with scissors is her new favorite), and she’d have a friend over every day of the week if she could. Her favorite things are stickers and candy, both of which her grandparents indulge her in and her parents try to limit as much as possible. She’s picking up phrases from kids at school that drive me crazy-“It’s not fair!” and “Oh my G-d!”-and she’s always testing limits. She is strong willed and challenging but spunky and kind, too.

These two keep Eric and I on our toes, for sure. It’s possible to feel like the luckiest people and the most overwhelmed people on Earth all at once?


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