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April 30, 2015 by Ellen V

It’s been a while, I know. We’ve had lots of craziness in the past few weeks. Eric and I tried a detox diet, we’ve been living on a zero-sum budget for two months, and we’ve been making baby food again. Hopefully I’ll have time to write those posts soon.

But the trouble maker, Baby Sid, has been making life a little difficult. She was recently diagnosed with VUR (vesicoureteral reflux), which basically means the valves on her bladder don’t work quite right and urine refluxes to her kidneys. She has a moderate stage of the issue, which means there’s a high likelihood that she’ll grow out of it by the time she starts elementary school. The downside, of course, is a high likelihood of UTIs, even though she’s on a prophylactic antibiotic, and lots of appointments to make sure her kidneys are staying healthy. So far, no one has talked about surgery, though we meet with a urologist in a few weeks and things could certainly change once a specialist is on the case.

We have been so lucky with our children’s health (and our own, for that matter). But there’s nothing like a slew of doctor’s appointments to make you feel like a crazy mom. Sidney is learning to crawl, teething, starting to eat more and more solids, all of which are changing the way she interacts with us and the world around her. Every time she does something unusual, I second guess myself and her health. Luckily, Eric balances me out pretty well. VUR is totally manageable, he reminds me, and we’ve got lots of professionals on our side.

Still, look at this face. Can you imagine letting her feel uncomfortable? Love my babies.


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