the great detox experiment of 2015

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May 1, 2015 by Ellen V

In January, Mama and Papa K did a detox/digestive system reboot after a local classmate of mine published her first book. The basic idea was that dairy, grains, legumes, soy, sugar, and alcohol would all be cut out of the diet for two weeks as a refresher system for the body.

They loved it.

And Eric and I were intrigued.

They bought us the book and touted is awesomeness. We gave it a shot.

After two weeks of this carb-lover eating nothing but produce and meat, I was definitely ready for a hunk of crusty bread and a cookie, but I did like it. Mostly.

The first week I felt pretty awful. Gassy, bloated. I tried to figure out what it was. Too many veggies? Too much meat? Too many nuts? Surely, not the fruit! Honestly, it wasn’t until I started cheating just a little that I started to feel better.

But overall, especially after a little cheat here and there, I did like it. I lost a couple pounds, had more evening energy, slept well.

I think we’re going to attempt to keep most of our evening meals following this plan–cutting out dairy and carbs at supper–and see how it goes. I’m not ready to give anything up permanently, but cutting back on a few things and eating more protein are probably things I should do anyway. It’s been good!


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