may in virginia


May 6, 2015 by Ellen V

May hit and it’s summer here, people. I’m having flash backs to feeling sweaty and pregnant all. the. time. Luckily, I’m working in an air conditioned school and very not pregnant, so hopefully I can make some new, happier warm weather memories in VA.

The days are getting longer, and my little bugs are turning to slightly later bedtimes. We’re having popsicles after dinner and playing in the water table Mama K gifted us. We’re content with simple, fresh meals and even managing to eat them all together most of the time, now that Sid is becoming a little more predictable. I’m drying clothes and diapers on the line outside, we’re attempting kale and tomatoes in some makeshift gardens, and enjoying the fruits of other’s more successful labors. It’s early to feel like summer has begun, but I think spring in Virginia is a bit less like waiting than in the midwest.

swimming lessons and summer girl legs

swimming lessons and summer girl legs


2 thoughts on “may in virginia

  1. Amy says:

    Same here. It’s Hot Hot Hot out already!! Everyday when I pick Caleb up his little cheeks are flushed from playing in the heat. The sugar snap peas in my garden are growing by leaps and bounds!

  2. Ellen V says:

    I love that sweaty toddler smell, to be honest. It smells like outside and fun.

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