sunday funday


May 31, 2015 by Ellen V

Weekends lately have just been insane. It’s always a balance–trying to squeeze in some fun, some rest, and everything else. But we’ve been productive, and Jane and Eric are heading out to a play at the Children’s Theatre in Roanoke in a few minutes, so I’m feeling good about it all.

I was hanging clothes on the line (Eric jimmied a bungie system that is helping it stay up, even in windy conditions. Hooray for lined dried everything!), and thinking about Eric and Jane washing cars this morning, while I stayed in making muffins and baby food and Sidney took her morning nap. It’s not exactly the life I would have pictured for us five and a half years ago, but it’s a pretty good one.

Speaking of all this fun, it’s the end of the month and a Sunday, so Budget Day in my world. I’ve mentioned before that we’ve (I’ve) started doing more intentional budgeting in the past several months. I’m using the Dame Ramsey EveryDollar app/website, which I would recommend to anyone. It’s exhausting/terrifying/empowering to be so aware of our finances. Mostly empowering, though.

Favorite things for the week ahead? Here are five:

  1. The last week of school! Short days, torturing students with exams. Does it get any better?
  2. A short visit from Mama and Papa V at the end of the week. My girls love spending time with our family, so we relish whatever we can get!
  3. A make up date with My One and Only midweek if we can get our act together. We were supposed to go on Friday, and Jane decided to up and get sick, so we’re hoping we can pull off some time together in a few days.
  4. Podcasts. They are just the best, and they make my commute pretty bearable. Right now, my fav is 99% Invisible.
  5. Air conditioning. The end.

One thought on “sunday funday

  1. Louise says:

    I love your posts. They make me smile every. time. Almost as if I was there, too!

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