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June 22, 2015 by Ellen V

We’re on Part 2 of 3 in our Great Midwest Adventure. Our week in Blue Earth was fabulous–lots of downtime, good home cooked meals, and afternoons at the pool. What more could a girl ask for?

We’re enjoying Northern Minnesota this week and loving the chilly nights and warm days of this area in late June. Yesterday was perfect for sunbathing and collecting snail shells, today is overcast and we fished this morning and will sightsee and maybe take in a movie this afternoon. I’m guessing most days here will be a mix of those things.

So far, the girls have been absolute A1 troopers with all the travel. Sidney is especially impressive. I’m happy with most of my planning: we had awesome friends host us on our journey north which made the nights and meals a little less crazy, I feel that my packing was cautious but not excessive, and we have found our budget to be appropriate for our travels.

One of the most difficult parts so far has been helping our picky and distractible three year old make the choice to eat even when a) she doesn’t like her choices, b) she’s  tired and c) there’s something more fun to do. Sleep, too, has been a challenge. First we needed to try to get everyone on central time, and now it’s trying to get everyone falling asleep and staying asleep. Luckily, we have had hardly any middle of the night wake up calls, it’s most just the getting down and not waking so terribly early.

Mostly, our greatest asset of the trip has been something money can’t buy: friends and family who have been just above and beyond generous and accommodating. We don’t need much when we have them around!

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