end of the road

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July 5, 2015 by Ellen V

We’ve almost made it to the end of our Great Midwest Adventure. I’m enjoying some solitude in Mama and Papa V’s Wisconsin lake house while Sid sleeps and the others play on the beach.

There is tons to say in terms of what I’ve learned traveling, what we’ve done and activities we’ve skipped, how I’d do it definitely, and whether we’ll ever do it again. A few thoughts of the moment.

We have awesome families. Seriously, our parents and siblings are the best. We have had time alone, time together. I’ve been able to exercise and bake and shop. I haven’t ever felt like a guest or a visitor. We managed to sneak in a visit with my cousin and his fam, and they are so great. I have been sad to leave each step of the journey.

We have awesome friends. We stayed with some fantastic friends on our journey to the Midwest, and we were able to hang out with some other lifelong friends along the way, especially in Wisconsin.

We have awesome daughters. Our kids have been amazingly flexible, and I continue to be shocked at their unique abilities to adapt to new places and situations. Jane has been kind and generous. Sidney has been content and charming. One of my biggest fears is that I would, by this point in the vacation, feel as though taking them out of their routines wasn’t worth it for this long, but they have proven to be quite capable.

We certainly didn’t take this trip to make memories for our kids, since I realize that not even Jane is quite at the stage where she’ll truly be able to remember this. Mostly, we did it because we could–who knows how long we’ll both have jobs with summers off and no other commitments or responsibilities? And even though Jane and Sidney won’t remember this, I hope it sustains me and Eric through the year to come.

But seriously, do I have travel tips! Another time.


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