summer at home


July 15, 2015 by Ellen V

We’re trying our best to settle into our new routine for this short Summer at Home (vs. Summer Vacation). Depending on whose schedule you look at, it will last somewhere between four and six weeks. We’re trying to balance some work/learning, family time, rest, and planning for the next routine!

One of my goals for the next few weeks is to continue to build on old and make new connections in the area. I’ve struggled with this all year. Southerners are filled to the brim with hospitality, but tend to (in my limited experience) shy away from true, new relationships. It is also helping ease my transition back to Virginia to socialize with a few people. I’m doing my best to fill up some of our time with friends.

We’re each working on a few projects. Sidney is learning to be on a schedule, learning to cruise, learning to be out and about a bit more, and learning to eat finger foods. I love baby goals! Jane and I are doing Mama and Jane school. She goes back to her preschool a week before Eric or I officially go back to work, so I’m keeping our themes very general (this week is Letters and Numbers) and focussing on just 20-45 minutes a day. Her preschool is incredible at encouraging intelligence through play, so I want to balance some learning with pushing her a lot when I know she’ll be getting plenty in a few weeks. We’re doing our best to give Eric 4-5 days a week to work so that he can do lots of prep for the school year as well as work on some of his personal professional goals (articles, papers, etc). I haven’t been given official notice as to what I’ll be teaching next year, so I’m waiting a few more weeks to get started. My goals, for now, are mostly to make sure everyone else gets to accomplish theirs!

We’re breaking up what’s left of summer with two side trips: this weekend, Sidney and I are visiting a forever friend in North Carolina where she’s spending a year of service. She moves back to the midwest in a few weeks, so we’re going to see the ocean and her cute town before she leaves us! Then, in a few more weeks, we’re all going to Durham, NC. Eric has a grant to do some research at Duke, so the rest of us will spend our days enjoying hotel life and exploring a new city.

By mid-August, we’ll all be back in action full force. I’m not a huge fan of all. the. heat. so I’m looking forward to the shorter days and cooler nights of fall and the new routine it will bring.


2 thoughts on “summer at home

  1. Amy says:

    Ooooh, Durham gets lots of press right now for having lots to do! (Although much of it is hipster focused, go figure.) But still, you’ll have fun!

    • Ellen V says:

      I can make hipster culture work for me 🙂 mostly, I’m just hoping there’s a sidewalk outside our hotel so we can go on adventure walks everyday while Eric works. My biggest pet peeve about our current home, for sure, is no sidewalk!

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