wilmington, north carolina

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July 20, 2015 by Ellen V

In an effort to break up some of the isolation and monotony of these five or so weeks at home in Virginia before work starts up again, Sidney and I took a quick trip to visit my friend since-and-for forever Elin. She’s almost done with her first year of serving with FoodCorp, and I wanted to see her digs before she starts her next term in Iowa in a few weeks.

It. was. awesome.

Elin is one of those friends who doesn’t require a lot of energy or stress. Even with the babe along, things seemed easy and normal. We ate a ton (she and her guy, Andrew, are pros at cooking delicious food from interesting, fresh ingredients), dipped Sid’s toes in the Atlantic, grabbed a beer at a taproom that would make even Eric jealous, and talked and talked and talked. We have a lot of the same frustrations as misplaced midwesterners in the south, so it was great to share in the joys and the troubles.

I loved it so much, I’m going to take Jane for a quick visit in the next few weeks. Eight hours drive time? Worth it.


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