don’t turn on the oven

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July 25, 2015 by Ellen V

With the AC issues that plagued us earlier this summer (we’re doing okay now–knock on wood) and just a general discontentment with the heat and humidity that just. won’t. quit. in this area, my goal is to keep our oven off until we hit a day that’s not going to get above 80 degrees.

It’s a challenge, people.

We make 95% of our meals at home, so prepping meals without the use of an oven is not super easy. The thing we’re missing most is easily homemade pizza, which we typically have at least once a week since everyone likes it so much. I’m also wishing I could make these super easy baked potato chips that I had just learned to make in May, roasted veggies since everything is coming into season here, and a few casseroles that are usually in circulation. We’ll hit ’em hard, come October.

We also don’t have a grill. It’s a sin, isn’t it? We had one in Milwaukee, but it was cheap and finnicky. It wasn’t worth moving. I almost felt bad giving it away. We talked about getting something here… even just a charcoal something… but now I’m glad we haven’t invested. Who wants to stand outside and grill in 90 degree heat? Not this girl.

For now, I’m brainstorming all the slow cooker and stove top and fresh, raw meals I can muster. Quinoa salad and slow cooker salsa chicken and breakfast for dinner. Brats and tuna salad and hummus with veggies. Stir fry and spaghetti, cereal and pop corn.

Okay, so it’s really not so bad. And replacing ice cream and popsicles for cookies and cupcakes is not really the hardship that it might seem.

I’m a midwestern girl, and I can’t wait for the temps to drop a bit, especially because I do remember bits and pieces of October and November (in spite of the lack of sleep I was experiencing then) and they truly were beautiful months here.

And in the meantime, we’re eating lots of popsicles and salads.

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