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July 31, 2015 by Ellen V

This is probably the 4th post I’ve started since we arrived in Durham, North Carolina forty eight hours ago. The rest have been tossed, maybe this will be a keeper?

We’re enjoying the good life in Durham, enjoying a rare benefit of being the family of a college professor: a research grant. We’re close to home (just about 2 hours away), and Eric and I have both spent time separately at Duke before, but it’s fun to explore a city as a family.

Jane and I left on Tuesday and spent a night with my childhood friend Elin. Jane ran into the ocean waves, drank her first root beer, and stayed up way too late. I spent my first night away from Sidney, and we all survived. Everyone met up in Durham on Wednesday afternoon. Eric spends the days researching in various Duke libraries, while the girls and I enjoy short outings and too much coffee/television/snuggles (depending on which girl you’re talking about).

I imagined we’d be out and about a lot more, but the truth is that a vacation at this point is a hotel pool, sidewalks, and being able to say yes to a new book or toy. I’m planning to take the girls to the Museum of Life and Science this afternoon, which everyone says is just awesome. There’s a ton of construction on the Duke campus, but we might try to brave it tomorrow when it’s a little less crazy because Jane will love, love, love the gardens.

Jane starts school in 10 days, and real life starts back up for the rest of us in about 17. It’s nice to have this one last hurrah of summer.

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