what i learned on my summer vacation

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August 6, 2015 by Ellen V

The public schools in our district start MONDAY. This Minnesota girl thinks that’s crazy! But back-to-school is a serious reality at this point, even though I’ve got a few more weeks.

I’m thinking about made our time away (both in the Midwest and also in North Carolina) so great this summer. Partly, we have been in Baby Land and New Job World and we haven’t had a lot of family time, we’ve just been getting through the days until this point–managing the day to day. Partly, though, it’s been giving ourselves permission to Do the Fun Thing.

So my goal for the rest of summer as it stretches into fall? Do the Fun Things. Stretch Jane’s bedtime, go out for ice cream, watch a movie and eat popcorn on a weeknight, walk at the park.

Some of the same pressures still exist. We have financial constraints and kids who like their sleep. Eric has tons of work to do (in a good way–lots of conferences to prepare for and papers to give this fall!) and the house still needs to get clean.

But we’ve transitioned to life here in Virginia and to being a family of four. So we’ll Do more Fun Things!


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