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August 12, 2015 by Ellen V

Sorry, I’m kitchen-sinking it today. Here’s a bunch of going ons in the V House:

  • Eric surprised me when Sid and I went to Wilmington a few weeks ago and changed around a bunch of bookshelves and shelving units to give us more storage. That change encouraged us to get some more pictures up on the walls, too. It’s taken a while, but things feel a bit more homey.
  • Mama K donated some curtains to us. We put some up in Jane’s room, and we have plans to put some up in Sid’s room and the first floor, too. It’s amazing what a difference window treatments make. Jane’s room feels so much cozier!
  • I’ve been trying to get back into the routine of cleaning, laundry, etc. We make a mess when we’re here all day every day! We also create a ton of trash. Jane is super into arts and crafts lately, and there are scraps of paper every where!
  • Both girls are transitioning clothing sizes, which is a little stressful! Jane hasn’t switched sizes since Sid was born, so to be changing out clothes for both of them… woah. How do people figure out what to give and what to save? It’s a struggle for me every single time. Plus, when did my little girls grow up so quickly?!
  • The rest of life is busy, too. Eric and I are trying to get everything ready to get back to school (our workdays start next week) and the girls are a little bit cranky from reentry into their daycare situations. Luckily, everybody is more than ready for bed at night.

I am still complaining about the heat (yes, it’s so hot), but we’re not having to mow much. That’s something. And every one here gardens and gives us cucumbers and tomatoes and green beans and summer squash and it’s so awesome (except the summer squash). Have I mentioned I’m ready for fall temps yet?


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