second babies and pictures


September 6, 2015 by Ellen V


Everyone tells you it changes after your first, and you swear you’ll be different. You’ll remember to take pictures and write in the baby book, you’ll diligently clean the toys and make sure she has her own, unique keepsakes.

And then you actually have the second child and you realize that your life is absolutely crazy and you can hardly keep up with the laundry and you’re lucky your phone has a camera and a BABY BOOK, ARE YOU KIDDING?

I am beyond blessed with a husband you has great photography equipment and (gasp!) knows how to use it. We got a few good pictures in the first few months, but we haven’t had a ton of sessions for Sidney this summer. But we finally got her out yesterday, and I’m so glad!

Her dress is vintage, made by Mama V’s grandmother (I think), and worn by her, her sister, each of their daughters, and now each of my daughters. It’s beautifully made and handed down with slip and hairpin so all the little ones who wear it have more or less the same outfit on. The shape makes it easy to wear at multiple ages, which means I lucked out that I was able to delay Sid’s pictures in it about two months longer than Jane, whose pictures we took around nine months, I think.

Sidney won’t have the many portraits or the completed journal that I have for Jane. I have a semblance of those things for her. What she will have, of course, is memories of family and, especially, of a big sister who loves her. What’s better than that?

One thought on “second babies and pictures

  1. Louise says:

    I love this picture of Sidney! She looks so happy! I think you have captured her sunny personality, Eric!

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