autumn activities in virginia

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October 22, 2015 by Ellen V

Since September, life has taken a hard left turn. We were cruising along, pretty lonely and bored, but September hit and BOOM, there’s something new to do every weekend. Actually, ten somethings.

Summer is so hot here. People kind of hunker down and stay in the AC. It makes me a little sad, as summer in the Midwest is the time to be OUT and DOING and GATHERING. But here, it’s quiet. Even in August, as kids head back to school, the activity of choice seems to be resting before the crazy starts.

But fall? Now we’re talking! Autumn here is beautiful. We only have to rarely use the AC in September, and now the heat in October. And there is so much activity. The weather has cleared, and there are festivals and pumpkin patches and we’ve not even had the chance to get the park because of the all the OUT and DOING and GATHERING.

And the autumn parties will slide into the holiday season, and we’ll be busy until January. It’s okay, though. I like the busy, and I’m enjoying having our pick of invitations this year. Sidney always gives us an excuse to say no to some, as there are naps and bedtimes to be had. I feel like we’re harvesting and enjoying the fruits of a year (and more) of hard work here. It’s time to feast!


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