week ten

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October 27, 2015 by Ellen V

At school we just finished the first quarter and are diving into the second.

My freshmen class feels behind, rushed. They are struggling. We’re in the midst of learning some Bible basics before we really get going in Scripture for the rest of the quarter. I split the class up into four teams of 4-5 students each. The teams will earn points (or have points taken away) all quarter for all the stuff I can’t really hand out grades for. Winning team gets donuts. We’ll see if it works. Right now, it feels like the breath of fresh air we need in a semester that is going on and on and on.

My seniors started a new unit this week, “What is Truth?” I’m treading water with them, already looking forward to next year when I can tweak from a more substantial curriculum. They are handling it well. I’m always amazed at these children who will be adults by year’s end. They are wonderful, horrible, completely insane, and totally awe-inspiring young people.

At home I came home early today to retrieve a sick Sidney. Poor girl seems to have a virus, or maybe is reacting to her vaccines from last week. I hate sick kids, but I do like extra cuddles. She’s walking everywhere now, still eating like a horse. And I’m so glad I finally have a snuggler.

Jane is enjoying school so much lately. She begs for it on the weekends. Her daycare includes free swimming lessons, and she just ended the first session today. I got to watch about five minutes before I had to go to work. She was so brave and willing, she makes me very proud. She’s taking ballet right now, too, and loves it.

Eric and I feel like ships in the night, coordinating schedules and activities. I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like when our children are school aged. Luckily, we both seem to have a better handle on lecture prep and grading this year, and neither of us are bringing work home nearly as often.

Halloween is this weekend (Jane will be a flower, Sidney a bumble bee), and it will kick off the tailspin that is late fall/early winter events and activities. Hope we’re ready! Are you?


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