Bible Nerd Conference 2015

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November 22, 2015 by Ellen V

Eric’s away this weekend, as he is every weekend before Thanksgiving. Some people are buying turkey and deep cleaning, but not me! We’ll sneak that in later in the week.

I’m always thankful that I don’t have a husband who travels regularly when this weekend rolls around. I hate it when he’s gone! Even before we had kids, I was always certain that something terrible would happen without him around to do his Eric thing. Since Jane was born, I have been able to get someone to visit for most of the weekend.

Until this year.

For weeks, as his anticipation and excitement builds for his time to connect with classmates, present his research, and network, my anxiety increases. I was sharing it all with a coworker last week, and she graciously offered her condo at a nearby lake–a chance to get away and feel like I was on vacation instead of single parenting–in exchange for watching her dog. So I’m with two kids and two dogs at a beautiful little lake apartment about 45 minutes from home. And it’s been a joy.

Tomorrow, we’ll pack up and go, and I’ll drop everyone off (Dallas at home, Sid at Chasity’s, Jane at preschool, Gracie at her city home) before I hit my regular work hours (I subbed full days last week). And then just another day and night before Eric returns.

Believe it or not, we’ve been having an okay time.

But I can’t wait for Eric to get back.


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