week 18

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December 15, 2015 by Ellen V

I’m going to try to stop apologizing for my long absences, okay? It’s just life right now.

It’s exam week at my school. My second exam week ever, my first teaching seniors. It’s an interesting ebb and flow of holiday happiness and exam stress and anxiety around the school. With the teachers, too, it’s high-energy happiness mixed with frustration and long hours trying to tie up loose ends so we can enjoy the break.

Do you know what your kids’ teachers want for Christmas? They want coffee. And wine, also.

Unfortunately, this semester my exams are all backed up into the end of the week. The good news? I can take a mid-week day off tomorrow. The bad news? Friday is going to be a little ugly.

It’s the kind of hopeful, anxious waiting that Advent is all about, the getting through exam week stuff.

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