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January 3, 2016 by Ellen V

Ugh, shame on me for bragging how awesome the V Family travels.

Shortly after I wrote my last post, Eric’s grandmother, affectionally known by almost everyone as Grandma, and my youngest’s namesake, passed away. She was 97, had been suffering greatly for a few weeks, and was able to see almost all her loved ones during the holidays.

We were so fortunate to see Grandma right before she passed. We were not so fortunate, though, to be either in Texas or in Virginia when in happened, but rather in the in between of Tennessee, with decisions to make as to who and how we would go back for the funeral.

Quickly, the funeral plans were made, and we bit the bullet: we’d all go back to Texas on Friday morning (after 36 short hours at home), attend the visitation on Friday evening and the funeral Saturday morning, and fly back today, Sunday, in time to settle in for bedtimes and my return to school tomorrow.

It all went fine, of course. Flights were more or less on time, the girls survived and even proved how resilient they are, and I’m typing this post from the comfort of my own couch. Eric delivered a wonderful eulogy, capturing Grandma Sidney’s spirit through and through. We enjoyed celebrating a life well-lived, spending a few more precious hours with family far away, and being together through the rest of our Christmas vacation. We are spoiled, truly. It is a good life, this one.


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