a long winter


January 12, 2016 by Ellen V

It’s mid-January. It’s cold, even in Virginia. It feels endless. At school, at home. Like we might never play outside again, never bare our shoulders, never break out the sunscreen or lecture on the mall or browse online for 2T swimwear again.

Yes, okay, I’m exaggerating. Kinda.

We’ve been dreaming of summer over here. Not summer, exactly, but summer time things. We’re hoping to move this summer (to rent again, but a house in town, more conducive to quick trips to the gym or the store and sidewalks). We’ve been dreaming of another long summer trip, now that our Christmas trip is in the books.

In a stroke of brilliance, Eric suggested we head to the Y tonight. We stuck the kids in the nursery (the TV was on, they were thrilled), walked and talked, and got out of the house for a minute. It’s hard to do that when it’s dark and cold at 5:30, but we managed tonight. It was a nice break from the winter monotony of laundry, grading, etc.

We’ll try to do that more this year, the getting out and enjoying the simple pleasures. Resolutions and all.


One thought on “a long winter

  1. I totally understand the feeling- I’m so ready to get back out in the garden! However, I am laughing, because it feels like not long ago you were complaining about the VA heat. You’re dreaming for a Midwestern summer. Me too. I get it.

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