why sometimes you should say yes when you want to say no

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February 4, 2016 by Ellen V

It seems like the thing now is to learn how to say “no.”

I’m all about protecting my time and resources and learning to tell someone I’m not interested, or I just can’t help during this season of my life.

But sometimes, even when I want to say no, I need to say yes.

I’m on a work trip this weekend, a big regional conference for those who work in Catholic ministry or teaching. I was poked and prodded about going, and I’m pretty sure I even flat out said no a few times. Eric finally pushed me over the edge, reminding me that he would like to spend some extra time with our daughters and that I needed a chance to refresh my career skills and recharge my parenting energy.

So I finally said yes, and I’m here.

I’ve only left Jane for this long once, and I’ve only ever left Sidney overnight once (at that was for less than 24 hours). It’s ridiculously hard to be away–not because I don’t trust Eric, or because the girls will be miserable without me, but because I miss them all terribly, and I feel better when I’m with them.

The conference starts this afternoon. There are lots of big name speakers coming, and it will be an incredible networking opportunity. I also get to meet up with an old friend from a different life–one before marriage and children and moving a million miles away. It will be good. And I will be home in just three days.


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