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April 2, 2016 by Ellen V

I’m 12 days into my capsule wardrobe and loving it. I asked Eric if he knew I had started, and he said he had no idea, which is fun and kinda the point.

A typical capsule wardrobe, I’m learning, has 25-35 items. I have a handful more than that. Here’s my closet until June 21:

  • 2 pairs skinny jeans (one super dark wash, one standard)
  • Black leggings
  • Black pencil skirt
  • Black trousers
  • Black ankle pants
  • Black and white Aztec print maxi skirt
  • Teal crew neck, sleeveless, knee length dress
  • Black w/ off-white polka dots crew neck, short sleeved, knee length dress
  • Black and white striped sleeveless, knee length dress with cutout in back
  • 3 basic tanks: white, black, and hot pink
  • 2 basic white tees: crew neck and v neck
  • 3 black long sleeved shirts, one with lacey shoulder details, one scoop neck
  • 3 basic tees: black crew neck, pink and royal blue boat necks
  • Royal blue button up shirt
  • Light pink dressy long sleeve shirt
  • Black and white striped 3/4 length shirt
  • 3 cardigans: black, white, and royal blue
  • Black blazer
  • 2 dressy sleeveless shirts: black and black and white patterned
  • SUPER dressy vintage black short sleeved top
  • 2 short sleeved tunics: teal w/ royal blue and black w/ grey
  • Zip-up black and white patterned running jacket
  • Work polo (I don’t have to wear this to work, but I can…)
  • Grey rain boots
  • Black dressy kitten heels
  • 2 flats: black and floral patterned
  • Black booties
  • Black riding boots
  • White and pink striped TOMs
  • Tan gladiator sandals

=43 items! Honestly, this is the first time I’ve counted everything. It’s more than I thought! But not too much more. I’m okay with starting here, and I’ll try to pair down next season.


Items I already know won’t make it past this season:

  • teal dress This is a Target dress I got when I was pregnant with Jane. It’s very cute and simple, but I was a different (littler) person when I bought it, and I also do not look forward to wearing it. Out she goes by June 21…
  • TOMs and  leggings I actually like both of these a lot, but neither of them will last with heavy wear over the next three months. Both I’ve had for a couple years. The TOMs are in okay condition, but with Spring mud and outdoor play, I doubt I’ll get them through the season. The leggings are Target and just not going to make it.
  • black and grey tunic and black polka dot dress? These are question marks that will resolve themselves with heavy rotation into my daily attire. Both are Lularoe, which I’ve recently fallen in love with. I love, love, love the style, but the patterns are kinda… not my absolute favorites. I know I’ll wear them both now that I have limited choices, but I may let them go if I’m not loving them even before the season is up.

Things I could do without:

  • dressy black top This was a hand-me-down from Mama V. It’s a gorgeous top, very late 80s/early 90s: cap sleeves, sheer shoulders, fitted. It still has the tags, and it would look awesome with a pencil skirt and serious earrings. But, when will I wear something like this? Probably never. I’m keeping it in the count for this season, but I probably won’t end up wearing it. We’ll see!
  • black long sleeved shirt Seriously? I have three in the capsule. Unnecessary.

Things I wish I had:

  • comfy sweatshirt I have one track jacket, but I’d love a black or cream sweatshirt that was oversized and comfy for chilly spring days. It’s on my list for my summer capsule, for sure, even though I probably won’t need it as much then!
  • good quality black leggings I may end up replacing the leggings I have in the capsule now with some Lularoe leggings or other high quality black leggings. I have a fleecy pair, but they are too hot for the warm Virginia spring. I’ll definitely have a nicer pair by fall.


Mostly, I’m learning a lot from this experience, and I’d bet I’ll have a lot more to say by June. It’s definitely helping me be a thoughtful consumer. And somehow I’m less vain while at the same time dressing better than I usually do. Limited options helps with these things. I’m enjoying the process for now!


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