an apology to grandparents

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April 8, 2016 by Ellen V

On Saturday, we’re going to the neighbor boy’s fifth birthday party. He’s a super sweet kid, this is a family we love, and yet I have a teensy bit of dread when it comes to this party.

Because presents.

So I walked around the toy section in Target yesterday for the first time… maybe ever? How is that even possible? Anyway, I figure my kids have plenty and when Christmas or birthdays roll around for them I have a pretty good idea of the one or two things I’d like them to have. Then, I scour online sales and put all sorts of price watches on Amazon and grab the thing when it’s cheap. I don’t even consider the toy section as an option, you know?

But I wandered and wandered and wandered yesterday.  I had a low-ish budget in mind and an idea that this little boy loves 1) building and 2) outside. The aisles were cavernous. There was so much! Entire aisles devoted to characters from particular movies or television shoes. Games that I’ve never heard of, that will probably be long gone by the next time I make my monthly Target run.

And the thing I found myself truly realizing for the first time is: my parents and in-laws have been holding back.

They have been trying to keep things simple in a world full of choices. They have been giving into only 5% of the 100% wish for their grandchildren to have all the tools and the choices to play and explore and have all the fun ever.

So to Grandma Weezy and Gramps and Stazy and Grandpa, I am sorry. You are the grandparents. You are allowed to spoil. I will attempt to get out of the way.

Just promise me you won’t take my girls shopping in the toy aisle for themselves for a few more years.


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