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April 27, 2016 by Ellen V

Life is very full right now! Here are a few things going in the V House:

  • We signed a new lease, so we’re officially moving to Roanoke this summer! It’s not a long distance move, but it does put me just a few miles from work (Eric’s taking the commute this time). It also means Jane is heading to my school in the fall! She’s shadowing on Friday. She’ll be in uniform and I’ll be taking all the pictures. We’re looking forward to a cozy neighborhood, sidewalks, getting to know the Roanoke Catholic School community, farmers markets, playgrounds within walking distance, babysitters nearby, everything.
  • Eric’s in the midst of finals and I’m trudging through 4th quarter. The red pens come out from about 7:30-9:30 nightly.
  • We’re enjoying a beautiful Virginia April. Summer girl legs abound, complete with tan lines, painted toenails, bruises, and skinned knees.
  • Eric and Jane are in the midst of U5 soccer. Hilarious.
  • I had a conference with Jane’s current teacher this morning. The report?
    • She’s smart as a whip, but sometimes has a hard time using her brains for good instead of evil.
    • She never cleans up after herself. Ever. #parentingfail
    • She’s headed for the stage. Her teacher is convinced of that one. No surprises there.
    • She’s never met a stranger. Every person is her newest, most wonderful friend.
  • Sidney had a check up (called a VCUG) for her kidney reflux (VUR) yesterday morning. We got great news about significant progress, meaning the reflux isn’t heading nearly as high into her ureters/kidneys. We’ll meet with her urologist next week, but most likely she’ll stay on one more year of antibiotics and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that she’s grown out of it completely by her 2017 check up.
  • I’m absolutely loving my capsule wardrobe. I’m not bored, no one seems to notice or care, and I’m imagining I may not ever keep a closet any other way. Of course, I’ve still got about 7 weeks to go. When June heat rolls around I may be regretting all these cardigans…

What’s going on in your world? I hope life is good!


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