toddler time

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May 19, 2016 by Ellen V

We are fully into toddlerhood lately, I’ve realized.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss having a baby to snuggle. I spend the whole first 12 months wishing for them to be over already, and then the next 12 months wishing I could have them back. But that’s parenting, isn’t it? Constantly wishing for the next milestone while mourning the time we won’t get back with our little ones?

Sidney is fiercely independent. She wants to do everything Jane does. At 19 months, she refuses to sit in her high chair, I’m tempted to just put it away. She always wants to be standing on a stool–washing hands, helping make a meal. She imitates her big sister constantly. It’s a blast, except when it isn’t.

That’s truly life around here right now. There are other things–Eric’s done with the semester and working on all the projects that get put off until summer, including his book! I’ve got a solid 3.5 weeks left, but whose counting anyway? We’re all getting ready for a summer move to Roanoke and our Great Midwest Adventure.

The little things? Budgeting at this time of year is awful. So many weird end-of-year expenses! We’re stuck in a cold, rainy pattern that feels like Wisconsin in April rather than Virginia in May. Our family schedule has slowed tremendously, so we’re trying to remember how to enjoy long evenings all together that don’t involve playing outside (cold, rainy) or going out for ice cream (budget). I’m still loving a capsule wardrobe and feeling like I may never dress any other way again? I know that’s ridiculous, but I love it that much. Hopefully I’ll have my act together for a wrap up post about it when I switch to summer clothes mid-June.

That’s it! We’re missing family and friends at this time of year with everything happening (graduations, weddings, babies, etc) so if you’re reading this, we love you and miss you!

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