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May 30, 2016 by Ellen V

Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start of summer, especially around these parts, where many schools have wrapped up their school year. (For those of you concerned about me and all that free time, not to worry. I’ve got a full two weeks left.)

The Vanden Eykels have a busy summer ahead! Our family goals include moving to Roanoke (!) and taking another Great Midwest Adventure. I think if we can survive both those things, we’ll be in pretty good shape!

Jane has been on the struggle bus when it comes to soccer, though she’s probably the best flower picker on the team. That said, she is truly a fish and loves to swim so much. We have her signed up for two weeks of swimming lessons with a beloved teacher before we head to Minnesota, and then plans for her to get some private lessons with a friend in Minnesota when we get there. The hope is that she can swim independently, without relying on a life vest or a pool noodle, by the time we get to Wisconsin.

Jane is also starting pre-reading! I wasn’t pushing her to start, but she has been very interested, and it does seem like the next logical step. We will have plenty of road time to try it out!

Sidney’s summer is all about building that vocabulary and getting lots of outside play time in, which is her favorite thing in the world. We may start a little potty training at the end of the summer, depending on how life goes between now and then!

Eric’s summer will be all about finishing his book for publication! Hooray! He also earned another grant to do some research at Duke, so our family will head to the Raleigh/Durham area for several days right before the school year starts. We had a blast last year and appreciate that his hard work gives us the opportunity to hang out somewhere new!

If I can help everyone else survive all that, I’ll feel pretty good about the summer. My only other goals are rest and relaxation before a new school year, maybe a little tan, and a lot of running.

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