a move and a monday

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August 1, 2016 by Ellen V

What a hot mess of a week!

We traveled back to Virginia from Wisconsin last Monday and Tuesday. The girls did well on the way home, but we put a few more hours in per day in order to get us back in two days, so it felt long to everyone by the time we rolled into our driveway in Rocky Mount.

No rest for the wicked, though. We used Tuesday night and Wednesday to finish our packing and then moved to Roanoke on Thursday!

We’re here now. Unpacking, settling in, exploring the city. The house is super old (1905ish, I think) and has tons of character and quirks. It’s AC also stopped working on Thursday night.

Virginia is hot, ya’ll.

We surviving, though, and diving into this new normal. Mama K says I should teach a class on long distance driving with littles. While that might be true, I should not teach a class on how to move efficiently and without emotion.

That said, things have gone fairly smoothly. This is mostly thanks to Eric, who has unpacked 75% of the boxes, who cleans up as he goes, who made sure we had internet and water and electricity on the first day we were here. So he’s maybe the one who should teach the class.

Luckily, we have a fairly low key week ahead of us. Then, we’re off to the next adventure.

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