The Pink Laundress

Like just about every woman between the ages of 16 and 46, I have been fighting the irresistible urge to add to the white noise that has become the internet.  Whether it’s the desire to be heard in a culture which rarely stops to listen, or to release my angst and my joy in a fairly benign setting, or something equally mundane, I’ve given up the fight and succumbed to the temptings of the blogosphere.

Not that I have any thing new or relevent to say!  I don’t, and I don’t mind being upfront about that from the start.  In fact, in may just be that I have so little to say that makes this adventure so appealing to me!  Therefore, World of the Inter-Web, I invite you to follow my ramblings and rantings at your own risk.

Ellen and Eric

Really good looking people

Random Facts about Me:

  • Born in North Dakota
  • In love with my husband, Eric
  • Obsessively enjoy running
  • Have a love-hate relationship with Eric’s dog, Dallas
  • Can shovel snow and mow grass like a pro, but never learned how to wash a window or clean a bathroom properly
  • Think all my siblings live too far away
  • Can eat my weight in my mom’s chocolate chip cookies
  • Recently gave birth to a baby girl who I hope will someday be able to change a flat tire and make her own bed
  • Love my life almost all the time!


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