Almost October

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September 29, 2010 by Ellen V

It feels like August was yesterday (even though October’s just around the corner!) and I am officially swallowed up in craziness.  The school year is here, and tension levels are quickly rising.  I’m finally getting the hang of my new job, which means it’s getting much busier.  Eric’s in the full swing of classes, teaching, and more.  And we’re trying to have a social life besides!  Imagine that!

Given all the stuff we’ve got going on in our lives, I’ve never been so happy to have married a man who thinks my “less is more” approach to seasonal/holiday decorating is a good thing.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of friends (and relatives!) who know how to make their home festively seasonal without overdoing it or taking up the entire basement with their boxes of stuff.  It’s just that I’ve made a conscious decision to take a more subtle approach. I got rid of much of what I did have in our early summer garage sale, and now I’ll look forward to a good size pumpkin on the front stoop, a few seasonal flowers when we have guests, and maybe some gourds for our hurricane if I’m really feeling adventurous.  All these items can be disposed of naturally, and they’ll put us in the fall mood in the meantime.  Plus, we’ll save money, time, and our backs the next time we move!

Here’s to October–right around the corner!


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