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September 20, 2010 by Ellen V

We have a low-key week ahead, and I have big plans to get a few housekeeping items done!

  1. Those pesky shelves obviously need some work.  They are on my agenda for tonight.
  2. Eric and I have spent too much time this summer learning how a compost pile would work in our lives.  Now, the pile has been started, but we need to build some type of simple containment structure.
  3. The temperature really plummeted this weekend in the midwest, which reminds me to go through and purge the summer clothes that didn’t get used, as well as…
  4. …wash or dry clean the winter hats/gloves/scarves/coats.
  5. Finally–the big one.  I need to do a major amount of yard work.  Our out-of-control plants need to be cut back, pots need to be emptied, hedges need to be trimmed, you get the idea.

Five projects, five days.  I’ll keep you updated!


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